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Learn How to Convert Sales, Increase Commissions & How to Boost Sales Using Social Media

These free training video will help you pickup the tools and skills needed to close more sales and earn bigger commission checks at your dealership. You’re invited to watch these sales training video  session with Brian Maxwell. On this session Brian shares ways to convert more sales, hold more gross, and use Facebook to boost sales. Click the link and start building your Automotive Sales business immediately.

Sales Training Courses

Sales training resources like video, audiobooks, e-books, and webinars. Sales training resources to improve your performance at your dealership and increase your commissions. Each training module is loaded with easy to apply ways to sell better and earn more.

Automotive Sales Training

In this module you’ll learn to convert lot ups into buying customers, use social media to drive leads, close more sales, and earn big commissions.

Tools to Help You Stay Motivated

Audio-books, Audios, E-books, and Videos that are here to help you develop as a person. The Motivational Tools are available to help build your confidence, enjoy life, and be positive.

Selling On Social Media

In this Social Media Sales Training Module you’ll pickup the tools to use Facebook to generate leads, promote your product, and increase your sales.

The "Road to The Sale" Training Webinar

The “Road to The Sale Webinar” is an evolved sales process. This webinar will help you increase your sales whether you’re experienced or a green-pea.

Close Like A Pro

Automotive Sales is one of the highest paying sales professions. Yet so many sales people at perform poorly. If you’d like to close more sales and increase your commissions these programs are a powerful tool. Each module helps you improve your sales process. Whether experienced or green-pea these modules can help you go to the next level.

Online E-Training

Expect the Best from the Best!

Nationally recognized sales trainer and founder of Sales Professionals of America Recruiting Brian Maxwell shares powerful tips that will help you get more customers off the lot, into the dealership, and driving off in their new vehicle.

Sales Training Tips Video

Getting customers inside the dealership, identifying their needs, and presenting a transportation solution is a big problem for many automotive sales consultants. Your income is based on your ability to help customers make a smart buying decision and buy from your dealership! Check out a few videos about to help you sale more and get paid.

How to Use Social Media to Sell More Cars

Social Media is creating tons of new ways to drive buyers to your dealership to purchase a vehicle!

In this module you’ll discover the most effective ways to leverage the tremendous power of social media. You’ll pickup several things you can use immediately to start driving leads.

“After this sales training I closed more sales in 2 weeks than I did in 2 months!”

Brian, your sales training blew me away. I was expecting the typical boring 10-step process to sell cars but your sales training breaks it down and I finally have something I can use. Keep it coming!
Jeremy W, Brian Harris Chevrolet


Will this training help people with automotive sales experience?

Yes, these sales training modules are jam packed with powerful tools for experienced people at the dealership and the green-pea.

Do you offer sales training programs I can purchase?

Many of the automotive sales training modules are FREE. If you are ready to step up into the $100,000 year club there are sales training programs available to help you launch yourself to the next level.

Are there any training video to sell cars on social media?

Yes, there are several training videos to help sell more cars and boost your sales on Facebook and Youtube.

What is your refund policy?

We offer six months to use the training modules and if you don’t feel they increased your sales a refund will be provided.

Does Mr. Maxwell offer personal sales training?

Yes, Mr. Maxwell does offer personal sales coaching and online sales training programs. Within the modules are more information to decide which works best for you.

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