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  •  Our Marketing Team will Create The Career Ads For Maximum Conversion. Our Candidate Network Is In The Thousands
  •  You WILL Get Loads Of Qualified Applicants
  •  We Have a Talent Network Of People Waiting To Be Interviewed
  •  Complete Support, Execution, and Turn Key Solutions, We Handle it All!

Properly staffing the sales departments of your dealership can be a difficult task, it can cost your dealership tons of time and money, have sales managers tied up in interviews for hours and days while your sales reps need help converting deals. Most managers are great at sales but are inexperienced in marketing, recruiting, and training and these are key points to build a strong sales team. We are very skilled and effective attracting the right people. Scheduling interviews and speaking with tens of people frustrates most managers and on top of all that it is very expensive, without any certainty for the results your company is looking for. I’m sure you would agree that even with the best processes, or without a properly staffed dealership, “Talented Team” your business will struggle to achieve it's your sales goals.

Sales Professionals of America Recruiting is the solution! 

Here is exactly what happens regardless of
the position you need filled:

  • Several members of our staff within Sales Professionals of America Recruiting will “handle” the career ads for your dealership. 
  •  Our team of writers and our affiliates develop the ads, with your assistance, specifically for your store; benefits, compensation plan, what it is that makes your business standout etc. 
  •  We prepare the coding and start to post to EVERY sites we are contracted with, our affiliate marketing partners provide access to well over multiple career boards and employment portals that are nationwide in reach, but are directed to drive the most qualified candidates in the local area of your dealership. 
  •  A professional video can be created for any position you need filled and then shared to hundreds of people via social networks. 
  •  Sales Professionals of America Recruiting has more resources to find talent than anyone else and uses our “Talent Pool” to always have a tremendous amount of career minded people available for you!

We will train your staff on: 

Greeting potential clients in a way that creates positive emotion and puts you closer to the sale

 How to Ask Questions that Lead You Down the Path to Discovery and Listen with the Intent to Understand. 

How to build a team of workers that drive you business at the dealership using social media 

Being a solution provider that builds lasting relationships

 How to Finish in First Place Over the Competition.


Some of the sites that these jobs may be on are, Indeed, Simply Hired, Beyond.com, Zip Recruiter, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Craigslist, and literally hundreds of smaller local sites that are picked up through these postings. Sales Professionals of America Recruitings marketing affiliates also own two of its own job boards that feed into still more sites, SPOAR.US.

Our team then send massive reverse search email blasts through several sites, searching for even more career minded applicants. What that really means if that we send the right email message to the right people, increasing conversion. {We send out a personalized display ad through our Email Marketing platform}

Each applicant is sent several invitations and reminders to apply for the positions through our candidate tracking system

Depending on the position, your dealerships ad may also be posted on many others!

This is the exact same process we use with every one of our clients each week.

We can pre-screen and schedule all respondents to the employment ads to come in for their initial interviews.We can go further with the screening of any sales related opening with our candidate screening tools.

Your 100% satisfaction is the outcome and to insure that, if for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied we will run the campaign again for another two weeks at no additional cost to you.

Other satisfaction guarantees available depending on the scope of the hiring need

From “Newbie to Seasoned Professionals; We've Got Talent

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